What Are The Reasons The Car won’t Start?

If your car cannot start there are a lot of reason you need to consider. If you encounter this kind of car problem this article is for you.

Dead Battery

The heartbeat of the car and all vehicles is the battery. Also, if it is not fully charged your car may not start. The cause for dead batteries by leaving exterior or interior lights on to a faulty alternator. If the battery is dead, it can be jumped by using jumper cables and another vehicle. Make sure to apply the jumper cables securely to the property battery cables before attempting to turn over your engine.

Bad Starter

The basic sign of a faulty starter is a clicking noise when turning the ignition. Nonetheless, take note that a dead battery and faulty starter will show the same symptoms. The basic test for battery strength is turning the vehicle’s headlights off and on. Nonetheless, a battery may have enough juice to power the lights but not the engine. At this time it is better to consult an expert for a thorough inspection.

Faulty Ignition

For faulty ignition, an issue can be a defective ignition switch, that guides your starter to turn over the engine. If you doubt your ignition switch is defective, perform the battery test above and consult an expert. For a defective ignition switch, it can cost you much more than a battery or starter. So the best thing is to explore all possible problem first.

Empty Gas Tank

If you already search all the reason that your car may have a problem you ask yourself “Did I fill up?” The easiest solution can be an extremely low gas tank. To have an empty tank can mean you forgot to fill up, and the engine does not have enough gas to turn over. Another thing it can mean you have a gas leak, that will be a far more quiet problem.


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